1. Attitudes towards various forms of energy

     1.1. Present situation
     1.2. Changes in attitudes
 2. Attitudes towards nuclear energy
     2.1. Further construction of nuclear power
     2.2. Differences in attitudes between population groups
     2.3. Nuclear waste
     2.4. Other assessments concerning nuclear power
 3. Energy, the environment and growth
     3.1. Climate change
     3.2. Other attitudes regarding the environment and growth
 4. Energy conservation
 5. Alternative energy sources
 6. Society's objectives vs. resources
 7. Decision-making and control of energy policy
 8. Information on energy policy
     8.1. Availability of information
     8.2. Reliability of information sources
9. Attitudes towards the electricity market
    9.1. Government vs. market-oriented steering
    9.2. Advantages and disadvantages of the electricity market